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This fall, make customers’ lives safer and easier – and close more sales – when you offer simple solutions, such as the convenience of Alarm.com lighting control.

Light the Way for your Family on the Go
As the days get darker earlier, help customers wirelessly light their way home, create the appearance of an occupied home when away, and remotely turn lights off if left on during the day. Our Alarm.com smart lighting control and mobile app offer customers:

  • An easy-to-install option
  • Effortless energy management and savings
  • Complete and efficient remote control of lighting from anywhere
  • Personalized, one-tap, mobile app scenes or rules
  • Integration with other Z-Wave products, such as door locks, garage door control, or smart thermostat

Provide the Power to:

  • Set custom schedules for your lifestyle, including lights that shut off or dim when they are not home
  • Turn bulbs ON, OFF, or use dimming features to adjust levels of brightness, remotely
  • Automate lights without rewiring or electrical work
  • Add an unlimited number of Z-Wave light bulbs

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